2017 Yamaha 2-Up Touring Utility RS Venture


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2-Up Touring Utility RS Venture


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$10,000 plus taxes


The carbureted base model RSVenture has enjoyed a lengthy run by providing a quality touring model at an attractive price. This is a snowmobile that won't let you down, when the name of the game is big miles in a comfortable ride. For you and your passenger, the RSVenture is the two-up that makes sense year after year.

  • YAMAHA TUNER SKIS: Dart reduction pattern, Multiple carbide set-up options
Key Features
  • CLASS-LEADING POWER: Yamaha-engineered specifically for snowmobiling, the Genesis 120 delivers broad, consistent four-stroke torque. 12 valves and double overhead cams for smooth drive-away power. All-day reliability.
  • FULL COVERAGE: Tall and wide windshield deflects winter air to keep RS Venture riders comfortable and warm. Perfect for high mileage riders.
  • PASSENGER COMFORT: Adjustable cushioned backrest with passenger side rests and integrated individually controlled hand warmers.
  • PRO COMFORT: Designed with high mileage riders in mind. Our easy adjust touring-oriented suspension is suited to all combinations of comfort. Our quick-adjust spring preload sets the ride for solo or two-up travel, and the Aluminum High Pressure Gas rear shock helps soak up the bumps while reducing shock fade.
  • MORE EFFICIENT: Clean burning. Money saving. Fuel stingy. Yamaha four-stroke technology sets standards for snowmobiles. Today and into the future. Genesis 120 riders enjoy miles per gallon advantages: fewer fuel stops, cleaner combustion, no two-stroke odor. Yamaha's four-stroke advantages are clear.
  • LESS WEIGHT: Ever since the first Yamaha four-stroke snowmobile was introduced, power efficiency has increased while weight has decreased. Yamaha has engineered more four strokes than all other snowmobile manufacturers combined. Magnesium, titanium and aluminum components enhance performance and reliability while also reducing weight.
  • LESS OIL: With Yamaha Genesis series engines you just add fuel. No oil except when you schedule a seasonal oil change. With Yamaha four strokes, oil stays in the motor to lubricate it. With a two-stroke's 100 percent "oil loss" system, oil gets blown out the exhaust making them more costly to operate.
  • ELECTRIC START: Every Yamaha snowmobile comes standard with electric start. Shouldn't every so-called high-tech sled in the 21st century?
  • Engine: 4 Stroke / Liquid cooled
  • Cylinders: 3-Cylinder / 973cc
  • Bore And Stroke: 79.0 X 66.2
  • Intake Design: 2 Valves
  • Fuel Delivery: 40mm Keihin Carburetors
  • Ignition: Digital T.C.I. w/T.P.S.
  • Exhaust: 2 Valves, Rear Exhaust
  • Clutch/Transmission: YVXC
  • Disc Brake Type: 2 Piston Hydraulic, Ventilated Disc
  • Electric Start/Dc Output: Standard / Automotive
  • Reverse: Standard
  • Suspension (Front): Independent, Double Wishbone
  • Front Shocks: 36mm, Aluminum HPG
  • Front Travel: 8.6" (219mm)
  • Ski Type: Tuner II
  • Suspension (Rear): Pro Comfort 144
  • Rear Shocks: 36mm, Aluminum HPG
  • Rear Travel: 12.4" (315mm)
  • Yamaha Performance Damper: N/A
Critical Data
  • Length: 126.6" (3215 mm)
  • Width: 47.3" (1202 mm)
  • Height: 52.4" (1330 mm)
  • Track (Wxlxh): 15 X 144 X 1.25" (381 x 3648 x 31.8mm) Camoplast® RipsawTM
  • Ski Stance C To C: 42.5" (1080 mm)
  • Fuel Capacity (L): 39.3
  • Hand And Thumb Warmers: Standard
  • Heated Seat: N/A
  • Headlights: 60/55W HALOGEN X 2
  • Electric Power Steering: N/A
  • Colour(S): Silver
Yamaha Protection Plus (YPP)
  • Simplicity: While other plans can confuse you with deductibles, unexpected limits on mileage, parts coverage and claim paperwork hassles, our factory-backed Yamaha Protection Plus gives you bullet-proof protection from the unexpected. And it's as easy to understand and use as your Yamaha factory warranty.
  • Protection From Expensive Repair Bills: Yamaha Protection Plus will be there, whether your repair expense is a few dollars or a few thousand.
  • No Deductible to Pay - Ever: Under the Yamaha Protection Plus program, Yamaha picks up the entire cost of parts and labour to repair every applicable mechanical defect.
  • Yamaha Protection Plus Takes Over Where Your Factory Warranty Leaves Off: Yamaha's computerized warranty system is updated as soon as you buy coverage, so Yamaha Protection Plus takes over automatically -- and immediately -- when your factory warranty expires. You can even get Yamaha Protection Plus coverage on many pre-owned Yamaha models.
  • Added Value for Your Yamaha: Your Yamaha Protection Plus warranty is transferable, increasing the value of your Yamaha if you decide to sell or trade it in.
  • No Claim Forms: Since we already know your Yamaha, you don't have to fill out claim forms. Your Yamaha Protection Plus coverage information is available to every authorized Yamaha dealer nationwide.
  • Affordable Options: You can purchase years of our Yamaha Protection Plus coverage for a fraction of what a single major repair could cost you. We offer you the option to use the Yamaha Power Finance or loan Credit Card Program to purchase coverage. Just talk to your Yamaha dealer to discuss your options.
  • Real Peace of Mind: With Yamaha Protection Plus, Yamaha is ready to step in to make any needed repairs (excluding those repairs due to normal wear or aging) using genuine parts and factory authorized service for the full duration of your coverage.
YPP For Snowmobiles
  • YAMAHA PROTECTION PLUS DOES NOT COVER FAILURES RESULTING FROM: Commercial or Rental Usage, Racing or competition, Modification of original parts, Installation or use of non-authorized parts or accessories, Use of lubricants, oil and fuel oil mixture other than those recommended in the owner's manual, Accidents or collision or theft damage, Submersion, Fire, Appearance related damage - scratches, dents, fading, flaking, peeling, Normal wear and tear or lack of maintenance, Abuse or neglect, Improper storage, Corrosion, Operated on surfaces not covered with sufficient snow
  • THE FOLLOWING PARTS ARE NOT COVERED: Drive belts, Skis, ski wear rods and ski skins, Sliders, tracks, track clips, Batteries, Oil, lubes, filters, spark plugs, Light bulbs, sealed beams and fuses, High tension cables, Seat and/or covers, Idler wheels and bearings, Brake pads, Drive chain and sprockets, Primary clutch tuning parts, Secondary clutch tuning parts, Body, windshield and other cosmetic parts, 20,000 km mileage limit *



Engine Type
4 Stroke
Bore x Stroke
79.0 X 66.2
Engine Cooling
Liquid cooled


Brake Type
2 Piston Hydraulic, Ventilated Disc


Front Suspension
Independent, Double Wishbone
Front Travel
8.6 in. (219mm)
Rear Suspension
Pro Comfort 144
Rear Travel
12.4 in. (315mm)
Ski Type
Tuner II
Ski Stance
42.5 in. (1080 mm)
Track Dimensions
15 X 144 X 1.25 in. (381 x 3648 x 31.8mm) Camoplast® RipsawTM


60/55W HALOGEN X 2
Fuel Capacity
39.3 L


Electric Start
Hand & Thumb Warmers